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Generally one of the nine planets is the root cause for the day-to-day problems faced by humans.

Kali Siddhantha is the science of finding out the problem causing planet and apply remedial treatment 

One can learn Kali Siddhantha in a short period and apply remedy to his current problems instantly.

I have been working tirelessly to refine the ancient Astrology by adding Kali Siddhantha and thus sharing the science of Astrology to the general public.

Prashna Kundali Reading:

When a person does not have his/her kundali then a horoscope is derived through a series or questions and based on Time the questions are asked and answered

Paranormal Power:

Human beings generally subjected to different ill effects due to the inhuman accts of evil, Bhoot, Pretha and Pishachi elements.

Hatred, food and sexuality are also the root causes for paranormal activities

About Astrology: 

Every human being has his own fate.

Astrologers can help find the bad fate and apply remedies to put you back on the right track

What is a Yantra:

Every God or Goddess has his or her own Yantra. Inviting that god after satisfyingly the needs and seating HIM/HER in a Devine position is called Yentra  

What is Mantra:

When a devotee worships a particular God with devotional chanting, then the particular God will ingress towards the Yanthra aforesaid and blesses the devotee positively.

What is Tantra:

Worshipping a God who was invited through Yanthra & Mantra and giving a befitting farewell with devotion is Tanthra.

Kali Vaastu:

Vaastu of a home is defined by humans, there is a relationship between you and the Planetary  effects of a horoscope. Based on my Kali Vaastu you can remediate the ill effects of your Home 

Deriving a Family Horoscope based on the members in the house and providing solutions based on the Family Horoscope is Kali Vaastu

Pooja, Homa & Havana:

We perform Homas & Poojas for all types of devotional Kainkaryas, derive good Muharthas for auspicious works, and we also provide Bride and groom kundali matching and auspicious dates for marriages based on horoscope

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Kundali Reading


Mantrika Parihara Classes on Saturday


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Astrology based on Prashna Kundali

Starts at 1500/-

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